RCAAQ – Advertisement

RCAAQ – Let’s celebrate our 50 years.


Regroupement des centres d’amitié autochtones du Québec (RCAAQ)

Activity Area:

Nonprofit Organization



Description: For 50 years, Native Friendship Centres have supported urban Indigenous communities, promoting their healthy integration while providing a space to stay connected with their roots.

Objective: Beyond mere service centers, Native Friendship Centres become a source of stability conducive to flourishing. This advertisement was created to commemorate their 50 years of commitment.

Execution: We aimed to evoke the emotions of each actor’s past while facilitating the transmission of knowledge through these Indigenous Friendship Centres.

Project’s Uniqueness: The client aimed to captivate the audience while honoring the historical Indigenous past in an authentic and non-stereotypical manner.

Result: The video results in an emotional immersion into the past, transporting us to the discovery of this resource available within Indigenous communities, all while serving as a launch to commemorate the 50th anniversary.


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