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Demo Reel Motion Design

Description: This Demo offers an overview of our motion design expertise. This video presents a compilation of our latest motion design creations, highlighting the range and diversity of possibilities that animation offers, particularly for transforming ideas and concepts into captivating visuals.

Objective: The aim of this Demoreel is to showcase some of iFX Productions’ latest motion design creations, and to let people know that we have an in-house motion designer, when many of our competitors outsource this specific aspect of video production.

Production: The video is simple and effective. It compiles a variety of motion design projects, from graphic animation to visual design, demonstrating the breadth of our in-house motion skills.

Project feature: This in-house project was worked on by our motion designer between assignments, and complements our classic demo reel.

Result: The Demo Reel motion design 2023 showcases the skills and achievements of iFX Productions in the field of motion design, and serves as a reminder that motion design is a vast playground!

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