Web video – Québec International

Video celebrating 20 years of Québec International.

A propos du projet:

Client: Québec International

Sector: Organization – Economic development and innovation

Description: To celebrate Québec International’s 20th anniversary, iFX Productions was commissioned to create an original video, featuring the organization’s staff to evoke its missions and the ground it has covered in 20 years.

Objective: Produce a video that captures the essence, achievements and vision of Québec International through two decades of innovation and development.

Production: The video, highlighting Québec International’s collaborators, was premiered at the 20-year anniversary party, reflecting the authenticity and innovation that have guided the organization since its founding.

What made this project special: More than just a commemorative video, this production showcased the humanity and authenticity of those who make Québec International what it is every day.

Result: The video set the tone for the evening’s celebrations, and was appreciated for its ability to capture the essence of Québec International while adding a human and friendly touch.

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