Motion Design Capsule – Planica

Motion Design Video – Planica Financial Services.




Financial Services & Planning


Motion Design Videoclip (animation)

Description: The video, produced for Planica Financial Services, Quebec’s leading financial planning firm for healthcare professionals, aims to explain the missions of a Planica financial advisor in a clear and concise manner.

Objective: The goal was to answer the question “But where does my money go when I place it with a Planica advisor?” and to demystify the investment process for potential and existing clients.

Production: The Motion Design video capsule was designed to bring a human dimension to a technical subject, while being informative and enhancing for the brand.

Projet features: The challenge was to create a video that struck a balance between informing and promoting, while bringing a human touch to a highly technical subject.

Result: The project was a success, with the customer very satisfied with the end result. The video succeeds in visually explaining the investment journey in an engaging way.

Customer testimonial:

“The IFX team was a pleasure to work with. They were both supportive and flexible… Overall, the experience we had was up to our expectations and we would recommend IFX to anyone who wants to do business with a dynamic team.”