Bela Peko – Commercial video

Series of 3 commercials video ads produced for Bela Peko in fall 2020.

About the project: Bela Peko

Client: Bela Peko

Activity Area: Healthy and gourmet food

Description: Bela Peko, driven by the ambition of Danielle Paquet, sought to carve out a place for itself in the competitive healthy and gourmet food sector. iFX Productions was one of the first partners to embrace this forward-thinking vision.

Objective: To create a series of advertising vignettes highlighting Bela Peko’s innovative products, while reflecting the essence and vision of the brand.

Achievement: We produced three advertising vignettes that played a key role in introducing Bela Peko’s revolutionary products to the market. These carefully crafted videos tell the story of a brand that is changing the game in the world of sweet treats.

Project’s Uniqueness: Despite significant budget constraints, we had to reinforce the brand’s credibility by emphasizing its healthy, gourmet side.

Result: These video ads are part of Bela Peko’s communication strategy, critical to the success of a launch, when it comes to seducing investors, distributors and potential customers. The presence of Bela Peko products on Metro shelves testifies to the brand’s growing strength. In such a hotly contested sector, Bela Peko is beginning to make a name for itself and is well on the way to becoming a benchmark.


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