Accès transports viables – At the yellow lines, we stop!



Accès transports viables

Activity Area:

Accès transports viables is a non-profit organization whose mission is to defend the rights of users of public transport (public transport, carpooling, car sharing) and active users (walking, cycling), as well as to promote sustainable mobility in Capitale-Nationale and Chaudière-Appalaches regions.



Description: At the yellow lines, we stop! This is the message that Accès Transports Viables wanted to convey through this fun and slightly comical capsule in which actress Catherine Côté plays a superhero whose mission is to raise awareness of courtesy and the adoption of safe behavior at pedestrian crossings. In addition to pushing people to adopt respectful, responsible behaviors, we must admit that this capsule was a lot of fun to film! ;)

Objective: The objective of the video is to promote courtesy and safety at pedestrian crossings, encouraging the adoption of responsible and respectful behavior.

Production: Director Edouard Tremblay chose actress Catherine Côté to play a dedicated super heroine. This initiative, enhanced with motion design elements, gives a playful and captivating aspect.

Result: Achieving a perfect blend of care and creativity, this video seamlessly incorporates courtesy guidelines without coming across as moralistic. Its engaging and playful touch adds an extra layer of captivation, ensuring a memorable viewing experience.


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