Alan, the motion designer who brings your videos to life in Quebec City

Behind The Scene • October 11th, 2023

The iFX Productions team is becoming fully international! Among our talents, we’d like to introduce you today to Alan Grelaud, our motion designer who, having worked with us from his native Brittany, in France, for almost 2 years, officially joined our video production team in Quebec City last May! His love of gastronomy is surpassed only by his passion for transforming ideas and concepts into captivating visuals.

In this special motion design demoreel, here’s a glimpse of his expertise. :)

What is motion design, du coup?

Motion design, or animation design, is the art of bringing graphic elements to life through movement. It’s an invaluable tool in video production, as it helps to bring ideas and concepts to life, and to give color and tone to video content. This technique is used not only to create visuals from scratch, but also to dress up and enhance “traditional” videos, adding an extra dimension of visual impact and engagement. It can also be used to animate brand elements while respecting brand codes.

Alan, notre motion designer, cadreur vidéo sur un tournage iFX Productions

Ze importance of art direction

Alan, in addition to being a motion designer, is also an accomplished art director (as well as being an unconditional optimist and gourmet). Because while creativity is good in a video project, we also have to make sure that every element, from conception to production, aligns harmoniously to tell a coherent and engaging story. Our beloved “franchie”, with his sharp eye and artistic sensibility, shapes the visual aesthetic, defining the tone, style and mood that will captivate the audience.

Alan’s Toolbox

In taking the plunge and joining iFX Productions, Alan didn’t just import crepes from Brittany and wine not taxed by the SAQ. He’s introduced tools like Figma, Cinema4D, and numerous tools from the Adobe suite (beyond After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator, which we were already using) to integrate into our workflow, dominated by Final Cut Pro X and Motion. Although he likes to tease Luc, our DOP, about the Mac vs. PC spat, our two creatives agree on their passion for video games, the need to integrate tools for generating visual content using AI – as long as the tool remains a tool – and their status as drone pilots, which allows them to get some perspective… Haha! ;)

“Motion design is a bit like being a Chef, but with a screen instead of a Chef’s hat. You mix ideas and concepts together, add a pinch of madness and a lot of thought, and you end up with tasty videos. Yummy!”

Alan Grelaud, Motion Designer iFX Productions

How much does motion design cost?

The cost of motion design is a bit like asking the price of a bottle of wine; it really depends on what you’re looking for. Of course, there are options for those who are careful with their nickels and dimes, and you’d be surprised how affordable a little animation can be. But as with everything, in motion design too, Sky is the limit! Every project has its own specifics, unique needs and creative aspirations. You can start with something simple and effective without breaking the bank. But if you want high art, with complex animation, breathtaking special effects and A+ quality production, well, that’s a different kettle of fish! In short, there’s motion design for every taste and budget: it all depends on your ambitions and objectives.

Among the many video projects produced by iFX Productions in Quebec City, we are increasingly integrating motion design elements into our various videos, as well as producing capsules that are 100% motion design.

To find out how video and motion design can help you, book a meeting to chat with Cindy, or tell us more about your video projects below :-)