Bela Peko: revolution, vegetables and video

Behind The Scenes • November 30th 2023

Bela Peko is carving out a place for itself on Quebec grocery shelves. Behind the rise of these ready-to-cook desserts based on vegetable purée lies a fruitful collaboration with iFX Productions, one of the first partners to taste this avant-garde vision.

Behind the scene Bela Peko

Bela Peko video shooting – iFX Productions

Bela Peko: The Sweet Revolution

By integrating carrots, beets, sweet potatoes and parsnips into its recipes, the company has created unique products that combine exquisite flavors with nutritional benefits, responding to growing consumer demand for healthy alternatives. When Danielle Paquet, founder and CEO, launched this new entrepreneurial project for gourmet ready-to-cook vegetable-based desserts, she had to convince consumers with a bold model in the face of agri-food giants.

iFX Productions and Bela Peko, two Femmes en Affaires

The collaboration between Bela Peko and iFX Productions is more than just a client-supplier relationship. Danielle Paquet and Cindy Bouchard, director of iFX Productions, share a close friendship and entrepreneurial spirit, reinforced by their membership of FA Femmes en Affaires de la Capitale Nationale.

Danielle and her team had already worked on a very lean, pop and tangy brand. But to provide the necessary credibility and reach potential target audiences and investors, what better way than with quality web advertising? iFX Productions recognized Bela Peko’s disruptive potential and delivered 3 videos despite the budget constraints of a fledgling project. We’re delighted to have believed in Danielle’s vision, and proud to have helped bring this bold idea to life. Our three advertising vignettes certainly helped launch Bela Peko’s revolutionary products on the market.

IFX has my full recognition as a first-choice partner for many reasons, including its talent for understanding our needs and, above all, responding perfectly to them, the quality of its expertise in producing high-quality products, and what sets it apart: its creative originality in taking the requested product to the next level.
Danielle Paquet, CEO, Aliments Bela Peko Inc.

Bela Peko: A Remarkable Rise

What began as a project is now a success story. The presence of Bela Peko products on Metro shelves testifies to the brand’s rise to prominence. In a sector as competitive as “healthy food”, Bela Peko is starting to make a name for itself and is well on the way to becoming a benchmark.

Boite Choco Betterave - Bela Peko
Bela Peko Courge Butternut
Bela Peko Amande sucrée

Don’t Drop the Patato!

Bela Peko’s trajectory is impressive, and we at iFX Productions are proud to have been there from the start. Being part of this wonderful adventure and seeing Bela Peko become a reference is a source of immense satisfaction.

Your project, too, can become a success. Starting with a yummy video strategy can be a good way to get there.  Let’s talk about it!